Village of Barovia

The Village of Barovia is a sleepy place currently led by Ismark the Greater.  Its populace hides in their houses, fearing the terrors beyond the borders of their village, and most are empty, soulless shells.


E1:  Bildrath's Mercantile:  A general store with vastly overpriced items.

E2:  Blood of the Vine Tavern:  A morose establishment that attempts to cheer its soulless occupants with wine.  Owned by three Vistani women:  Alenka, Mirabel, and Sorvia

E3:  Mad Mary's Townhouse.  The residence of Mad Mary, who weeps incessantly since the disappearance of her daughter, Gertruda.

E4:  Burgomaster's Mansion.  Once the house of Kolyan Indirovich, it is now inhabited by his son, Ismark the Lesser.  It still bears the signs of Strahd's assault.

E5:  Church of the Morninglord.  Dedicated to the Morninglord, this edifice has been corrupted by the foul deeds of Father Donavich, who tricked villagers into the church's basement in order to feed his vampiric son.


Village of Barovia

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