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Pending Quests

Kill Strahd

Strahd's presence is a curse upon this land.  He is an utterly evil force that corrupts all that comes within his reach.  His destruction would surely benefit those who reside in his domain and may even allow you to return home.

Update The PCs have met Rudolph van Richten, a famed hunter of vampires.  He suggests that the PCs talk to the dusk elves, the only people with a living memory of Strahd before he became an undead monster.  Unfortunately, the Vistani guarding the dusk elves have made contact impossible.

Let Flow the Wine

Production from the Wizard of Wines Winery has slowed.  Barovians need their drink, but it appears to be running out.  Discover the source of this shortage and remedy the problem.

Update You have discovered that the Martikov family are the current caretakers of the winery.  Urwin Martikov, owner of the Blue Water Inn, explained that evil druids have chased his father out.

Update You have rid the winery of the evil druids and twig blights.  Unfortunately, it is missing the three gems that assure its continued production.  One was stolen 10 years ago and its location is unknown.  One was stolen several weeks ago by scarecrows and is likely held by Baba Lysaga in the drowned ruins of Berez.  One was stolen 5 days ago by the druids of Yester Hill.

Update You have recovered a gem from the druids of Yester Hill.  Two remain.

Update You have recovered a gem from Baba Lysaga.  One remains.

Wayward Child

Gertruda, daughter of Mary, has been missing for some time.  Return her to her hysterical mother.

Apple of Strahd's Eye

Ireena Kolyana has unfortunately attracted the attention of Strahd.  She seeks safety in the town of Vallaki, a place west of the Village of Barovia.

Update Ireena has been locked away in the Old Bonegrinder with two wereravens and orders that she is not to leave the place.   

Update Davian Martikov suggests taking Ireena to a holy place.  Given the desecration of the church in the Village of Barovia, this leaves the church in Vallaki and the Abbey in Krezk as possible candidates.  

Update You have taken Ireena to St. Andral's Church in Vallaki.  After restoring the bones of St. Andral, the church is hallowed, which will keep Strahd and his undead minions from entering.

Fortunes of Ravenloft

Madame Eva has read your fortunes using the Tarokka Deck found in the Durst House.  Unravel the mysteries of this reading to further your battle against Strahd.

Update  You have found the leader of the feathered ones who live among the vines—Davian Martikov.  After having rid the winery of its invaders, he has pledged to assist you in your struggles against Strahd.  His forces currently consist of four wereravens, two raven swarms, and himself.

Update You found the Tome of Strahd in the Den of the Werewolves.

Update You found the Sunblade in the ruined nursery, which was in the Abbey of St. Markovia in Krezk.

Blinsky's Toys

Strange macabre toys dot the Barovian landscape with the label "IS NO FUN, IS NO BLINSKY!"  Collect them all!

Update You have collected 11 of the 18 Blinksy dolls.

A Festival Too Far

Baron Vallakovich has decreed that the townsfolk of Vallaki shall celebrate festivals weekly.  The last festival was the Wolf's Head Jamboree.  The next festival is the Festival of the Blazing Sun.   Non participants are locked into the stocks.  These festivals need to be stopped.  Or do they need to be encouraged?

Update Baron Vallakovich has agreed to postpone the Festival of the Blazing Sun for several days to allow the PCs time to return.  When the PCs leave Vallaki, this Festival is now scheduled five days hence.

Update Baron Vallakovich is dead but the Festival of the Blazing Sun presumably goes on.

The Order of the Silver Dragon

A group of undead knights who once opposed Strahd haunt an abandoned mansion buried in the forests southeast of Vallaki.  Find out what keeps them from finding eternal rest.

Always a Bridesmaid . . . . 

The insane Abbot, who oversees the Abbey of St. Markovia in Krezk, has asked the PCs to retrieve a bridal gown for the corpse creature he constructed to serve as Strahd's bride.

Completed Quests

Bury the Burgomaster

Kolyan Indirovich, former Burgomaster of Barovia, has been dead for a week.  Return him to his family's resting place in the graveyard beside the Chapel.

Crisis of Faith

Father Donavich has not held services for some time and refuses to attend to the needs of his fellow villagers. Determine what has caused him to abandon his flock

Mmmmm . . . . Donuts

An old woman named Morgantha has been peddling meat pies/dream pastries to the villagers of Barovia.  Some of have given everything they own, including their children, for these cursed confectionaries.  Disrupt this source of sorrow.

Trouble in Vallaki

Baron Vallonvich vies with Lady Wachter for control of Vallaki.  Resolve this conflict in favor of one or the other.

Wolves on Two Legs

A charmed dire wolf revealed that wolves on two legs lair in an area northwest of Lake Bartok.  Undoubtedly, they mean harm to the good people of Barovia.

Quest Guide

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