Hellfire Wand

The Hellfire Wand was once wielded by the witches who inhabited the Old Bonegrinder. It is made of brown wood wrapped in copper.

The Hellfire Wand functions as a +1 war wand.  Further, it can be used as a set of thief tools for the purpose of opening doors, its tip expanded and dividing to form picks, thus providing advantage on checks made to open locks.  The bearer feels intense bliss when using the wand, with perhaps a tinge of guilt.  It also appears to have had some role in the summoning of devils, though the extent of that power remains unclear.  

Update  The power of the wand grows with use.  It now has 10 charges, regaining 1d6+4 charges per day.  The wielder may choose to expend a charge to add 1d6 necrotic damage (up to 3 charges for 3d6 necrotic damage) to a spell cast through the wand. The wielder can choose to utilize these charges after attack and damage dice are rolled.

Update  The power of hell infuses this wand.  In addition to the above uses, the wielder may use one charge as an action to cast scorching ray, two charges to cast fireball, or three charges to cast wall of fire.  These spells are cast at the wielder's spell DC.  The spells are cast at their base level, but the wielder can use additional charges to raise the spell's level at a rate of one level per charge (e.g. the wielder could use four charges to cast a fireball at fifth level).  This power may be used in conjunction with the above power.

Hellfire Wand

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