Character Creation Guide

Character Creation

Characters will start at level 1 and should be built using the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or point buy (p. 13 of the PHB).  You can take the standard gear that comes with your character class and background or roll for gp.

The campaign will start in Shadowdale of the Forgotten Realms, 1372 DR (i.e., the 3rd edition version of the Forgotten Realms).  No Forgotten Realms knowledge is necessary.

All races and classes in the PHB are available.  Players considering the Ranger class can choose the Revised Ranger.  I'm open to other Unearthed Arcana classes, or options from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.


Lord Mourngrym of Shadowdale has placed a call for adventurers to deal with a problem affecting trade along the Northride.  The Northride is an important trade route that connects the eastern Dales to the kingdom of Cormyr.  Some 80 miles south of Shadowdale, the Northride passes through the Desertmouth Mountains via a passage that is known as the Shadow Gap.

In recent years, travelers passing through the Shadow Gap have regularly gone missing during the month of Marpenoth (October).  While all travel is dangerous, the frequency and regularity ofdisappearances along this route for the last five years, during this month, can no longer be ignored.

Recently, Harper scouts have reported sightings of a large manor resting in the dense forest that sits just north of the Shadow Gap.  This building does not appear on any maps of the region and there are no reports of recent construction.  Stranger still, magical and mundane efforts to locate the building have yielded nothing and the reports conflict as to the manor's exact location.  Even scouts who reported the structure were unable to find it upon returning with reinforcements.

You have answered Lord Moungrym's call, as have other adventurers.  During the mustering, you have found new companions or you have joined forces with old friends.  Perhaps a combination of both.  After some preparations, you have set out on the road.  Several days of uneventful travel have passed and, on Marpenoth 14, you find yourself approaching the forest as the sun sets.

Character Creation Guide

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